Processo di creazione del profumo personalizzato

Perfumes, emotions and much more ...



AROMACOLOGY uses scents and their influence on the limbic system to balance our emotions and moods and improve general well-being.
It is the study of on how odors influence human behavior.
The AROMACOLOGY consultancy consists in creating a personalized olfactory blend of essential oils, based on the analysis of a specific problem or the need for a particular situation. This blend can be put in a home diffuser, in an olfactory stick or in a perfume oil.


Both sciences mainly use essential oils as a healing tool. The plant world (citrus fruits, flowers, woods, leaves, resins, roots, rhizomes) represents an endless source for aromatherapists and aromachologists. In Aromatherapy only essential oils obtained by Cold Pressing, by Continuous Steam Stripping and by CO2 extraction (or Supercritical Carbon Dioxide extraction) are used.

In Aromachology the palette is wider, as Absolutes and Resinoids (extracted with volatile solvents) and natural Isolates (single odour molecules that are extracted from natural raw materials using distillation techniques) are also used. We are here, closer to the world of perfumes. Aromatherapy works on several levels: physical – psychic – spiritual. Aromachology acts on a psycho-emotional level. Aromatherapy has different ways of application: ingestion, topical and diffusion or inhalation. Aromachology uses only the sense of smell, therefore inhalation and diffusion.


Create your bespoke perfume

As Ambassador of the custom-made niche perfume brand The Alchemist Atelier, I will guide you in a unique olfactory-creative experience.

Do you want to be the nose of your personalized fragrance?
With Scent Creator all this is possible!

Discover how fun and engaging it is to create fragrances, share your creations and become a true perfume maker.

You can compose a different perfume for every occasion or according to your mood. You can count on 34 essences (Bases and Accords) developed by the best perfumers in the world, to compose your exclusive Eau de Parfum.

Visit the CREATE YOUR PERFUME session for full details.


Olfactory Branding

Nowadays marketing moves on experiences engaging the customer’s senses. Communication must be made of stimuli to perdure and reach deep, this is how pleasant memories are created.
SMELL, a complex sense, indispensable and yet still little-known, triggers an immediate emotional response and creates an olfactory memory that is much more persistent than visual or auditory one. Creating an olfactory logo for your brand, business or event has several advantages, certainly aimed for creating value and memory, but also for communicating who we are.

My goal is to make this service available to all businesses, small or upcoming aspiring brands, finding customised and valuable solutions, without having to invest big amounts of money.
I have learned that emotions need time and listening, there is no timer to my consultations.


Let yourself be guided by your sense of smell...